Attics should be adequately insulated so that they can save a lot of energy on the heating and cooling systems of your home. However, you should insulate your attics by an experienced contractor in your location. F you want to hire a reliable Oxnard insulation contractor, you should contact Attic Leader. So, let us understand a few important tips from an insulation contractor to keep your attic insulation in good condition. 

Inspect your roof regularly

You need to inspect your roof regularly to check if there is any clogged water issues. If your roof is damaged then get it repaired as soon as possible as it might damage the attics in the long run. If water leaks through your roof then it will enter the attics and damage the insulation.

Clean your attics

If you notice certain symptoms of diseases in your loved ones then you need to understand that your attics are unhealthy. The symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, sneezing, teary eyes and dizziness can indicate that you have an unhealthy attic. So, you need to clean your attics to maintain the health of your loved ones.

Clean gutters and drainage pipes

Clean your gutters and drainage pipes to prevent the issues of clogged water. This will help keep your attics in a good condition as water will not enter your attics to damage it.

Check for fluctuation in Indoor temperature

When you have insulated your attics properly then your indoor temperature remains constant in both the summer and winter seasons. On the other hand, if you notice a fluctuation in indoor temperature then there is some problem in your attics. If your attic insulation is damaged or there are holes in your attics, then you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Stop rodent activities

If you notice rodent activities in the attic then get it fixed immediately. Rodents enter your home through the holes or gaps that are created between the attics and the vent pipes. Animals, rodents, or mice enter your attic and leave waste on it to make it contaminated with germs. In such a condition, you can contact a professional to get your attics insulated properly.

Check your thermostat

Sometimes, your thermostat behaves weirdly and keeps on switching on and off, which is a symptom that your attic insulation has been damaged. If your attic insulation is not in good condition then it will create such issues in your home. Hence, you need to inspect your attic insulation and fix the problems that are causing damage to the thermostat.

Check Wall and Floor Temperatures

You can check wall and floor temperatures to tell if your home is properly insulated or not. You can check the temperature of interior walls, floors, and ceilings to ensure that it feels warm and moisture-free. If you feel there is moisture on your floor and walls then there must be problems in your insulation.

Install the attic insulation properly

If your attics are not installed properly then you might have unevenness in the insulation. If you are using blown-in insulation then it is installed through machines. However, sometimes, it is unevenly installed, which might result in high energy bills. So, you should hire an attic expert to install the insulation properly.

Work on Poor Ventilation in the attics

If the vents of your attics are blocked then you will face issues of poor air circulation into the attics. Therefore, it causes the formation of dangerous elements such as mold, mildew, and fungus. Take proper care to keep the attics clean. When you are installing the insulation or repairing it, keep the vents in the right places.

Check R-value of your home

If you are using your attics to store various discarded or unused items then it might create pressure on your attics and damage them in the long run. A heavy burden might cause issues in its stability and functionality, which leads to issues of collapsed attics. The R-value of your attic insulation decreases if it gets collapsed. To avoid such issues, you can remove heavy loads on the attic to ensure that your attic does not get collapsed.


You can contact our professional attic experts who will help install your attics properly. Moreover, they will suggest ways you can protect your attics to maintain their functionality for a long time.