A roof replacement is a capital-intensive project and so you would want to do everything to increase the lifespan of the current roof. The key will be to take every measure to maintain your roof and only this way, you can enhance its longevity. You will need professional help for roof maintenance and with the experts at Deandre Roofing ready to offer a helping hand, it should be easy. 

Let us now shed some light on the various steps that are important to take for your roof maintenance. It involves some basic functions and here are the details. 

Professional inspections

It is vital to identify the damage at a nascent stage and for that, you must arrange for professional inspections to be conducted by a licensed and insured roofer. Such a roofer can identify structural damages and that is the reason why you should get it inspected by them. Here are the checks that this inspection should focus on. 

  • The roof could have had damaged or missing shingles. 
  • Your roof must be inspected for algae, moss, or fungus growth. 
  • A search can be conducted on whether there has been any form of animal activity or not. 

If the inspection throws up any such issue, then you must insist that the company conducting the inspections does the repair. 

Remove debris from the roof

The roof of your home can have plenty of debris piled up in the form of twigs, leaves, & sticks, and branches. The accumulation of these can damage the roof and cause the wood to form rot. These damages can be visible standing on the driveway and if it ever comes to your notice, you must seek professional help to remove them. Is there a tree too close to your roof? You can think of cutting the branches and this is a preventive measure that you can always take for your roof maintenance. 

Clean the gutter

The gutter of your roof must be kept clean or else, it will cause long-term damage to the roof. A clogged gutter will prevent rainwater from flowing away from the roof and this can lead to leak problems from the roof. You will surely not want water to enter your living space because it can cause structural damage to the property. Therefore, if you ever notice a clogged gutter, it is better to seek professional help to clean it. 

Early signs of water damage

You need to catch the early signs of water damage to the roof and a visit to the attic will indicate it. Are there any signs of water stains or discoloration of the walls or the ceiling? It means that you are dealing with a leaky roof and before the matter escalates, it is better to seek professional service for repairs. 


This is a brief guide on the measures that you need to take for your roof maintenance. There could be more to do such as inspecting the membrane and every joint, or sealing. The key will be to take preventive action and identify the damages early. This will ensure the longevity of your roof and delay the replacement date.